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When You Just Can’t – Even – Grace! Jenny Price

Life is fuzzy.  Blurred in lines of love and grief and joy and fear and hope, surrounded with clouds sometimes.  Clouds that flow with ease and grace over all of life’s circumstances.  Not bothered by what’s beneath them. Relationships swirl around us – within us – above us- below us – and we can’t manage […]

25 Years Married and We’re Still Figuring It Out, Jenny Bolt Price

We celebrate 25 Years this coming Wednesday, August 3, 2016.  Happy Anniversary Honey! It’s been a ton of fun and a wonderland of learning for both of us and of course, a lot of work. Here’s 25 truths we are still discovering for the next several decades (we pray): 1.  Studying one another daily, weekly, […]

When The Broken Home is Healing, Jenny Price

What’s broken in your home?  Maybe the plumbing is leaking inside the whispering walls.  Maybe the foundation is cracking, right underneath your sturdy feet.  Maybe what’s broken can’t be seen through the outside veneer. Maybe it’s when we tear all the barriers away, we get to see what needs mending. That’s what this last year […]

Perseverance in Adoptive Parenting, Jenny Price

What I learned in parenting my three oldest children, did not, and could not prepare me for parenting my youngest two.  Traditional parenting, raising kids from the ground up, from day one to day 6,570 – it’s easier.  It’s got obstacles and stickiness, but it’s a far cry from raising children who missed day one […]

Thoughts on Being the BEST Mom on the Planet, Jenny Price

How often do you think about what kind of mom am I being today? OR How often do you beat the crap out of yourself for not being a good enough mom? OR How often do you compare yourself to PTA Mom or Pinterest Mom or Perfect House and Perfect Body Mom – or whatever […]

Are You Adopted? Jenny Price, adoptive mom of twins

You’re either adopted, or you’re not.  You’re either living as an adopted child of ABBA FATHER, or you’re not.  You’re (and I am) either embracing the abundant kingdom of God freedoms or you’re eating out of the dumpster. The security of our adoption has everything to do with God and his underling fatherly faithfulness, and […]

When Everything Seems So Suddenly Changing, Jenny Bolt Price, adoptive momma

When the road you are on busts into pieces, has detour signs all over it, or just gets way too bumpy, HE is NOT busted, He has not detoured, and He is so steady. I found myself bawling my eyes out about five times this week.  This is good news.  It means my manic, moving, […]

Difficult Children and Challenged Parents, Jenny Price

Sometimes, I’m the difficult one. Sometimes they are. The real fun and adventure is when BOTH of us are! Raising difficult kids has shaped me more than I want to be shaped.  It’s grown me in ways I truly did not know I needed to grow.  It’s kept me humbly on my knees, and it’s […]

Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted

All credit for this post goes to Brene Brown, the author of Rising Strong. Brene is an amazing clinician, woman and sister who is conquering shame and unworthiness with Truth and Light! If you need a great new author, read any of her books and you will be equipped with tools and new awareness! This […]

Is Recovery for me? by Tammy Bolt Werthem

“Sometimes I’m way more human than folks are comfortable with….We all are.  That’s the irony of it….Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find humanity in all of us. If we could believe we are deeply connected in the fragile places, we could drop the games.  When you tell me the truth about yourself, I no […]

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