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Popsicle Moments – Create Some Today, Jenny Price

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she was laying in a bed…her body wrecked with grief…

our first time ever meeting.

just me, merely a strange girl coming to her house to pray over her, for her, be with her, to be still with her and allow him to know her broken heart, her broken body, her soul so tired.

hers is a story she will tell…one day.

mine is a story of discovering that popsicle moments are sometimes all we’ve got.

what could i offer?  what would i say?  what could i bring to make today matter – to make it more….something?

 better?  less painful?  more peaceful? less awful?

me. empty.  alarmed even.  never having seen such a desperate lot – one like Job faced – so big a lot. and here she was, in her bed, and there was me…rooting for her.  barely knowing her.

but yet, in minutes, she and i were fully known.  because when Jesus is among your empty.  His ENOUGHness shines brighter.

when i think “I” have the answers, or that i have something to bring – some wisdom, some advice, some of whatever…i get to remember – all i have, all she has,

all we have…

is the ENOUGHness of Jesus.

explainable?  no

attainable?  yes

so, she and i prayed,  i stayed, and together we laid it at His feet.  we rested, and tested, and begged for blessed assurance – that Jesus would see her through.

broken body.  bent relationships. buried pain.  best yet moments awaiting her little girl who she’d barely bonded with.  she was a mother of two, and yet, she only really knew the one.

the pain i saw in her body was enough to swallow one woman whole.  but the agony of pain about not getting to “BE” mommy to the one – this was more than she could bear, and she’d been bearing…trust me. she knew the daily cross she would carry.  maybe for years.  maybe healing would never come.

but the fears of not being enough for your child.  even bigger. the faking it around others so you look the part.  the fighting internally to not hate every piece of your life, even when there might just be millions of pieces that aren’t falling and breaking and shattering into dust.

the pieces you see some days are the ones that don’t fit.

“What can I do to show her that I am her mommy?  I value the help we have.  It’s so much a gift.  But, she doesn’t even know me as mom yet. She knows the others as her caregivers.”

Desperate for something, i spoke – “Popsicle moments.  You create these with her.  You, only you, no one else – but just you – and she gets to have a popsicle in the bath tub – just you and her.”

again, hers is her story to tell.  she’s to this day one of my FAVORITE miracle stories. i am confident you will hear it one day, if i have my way in supporting and lifting her up.  it’s just too big a story to keep quiet.

Little did I know that blessed broken day, those popsicle moments I’d spoken of would get to be a practice in my own home.  Something I would get to hold onto, and trust.

Some days they work, some days they may push the child further away, but we as moms create them.

Popsicle moments are motivated by love that never fails.  Popsicle moments are inspired by moms who never give up – moms who know – this child will be loved, this child will be celebrated.

this. child.

will. be.


not the selfish “mine” – but the kind that says about us when He sees Jesus in us –

“You are my beloved.  In you, I am well pleased.”

You are mine, not because you offer me anything, but because you are assured of love.

You are mine, and I will create popsicle moments with you, because…


You cannot push that away, as far as you may go, wander even further if you’d like – and there I am…

steady, adoring, treasuring, NOT measuring YOU.

My Father says,

“This popsicle is for you daughter.  Son, do you want grape or orange flavor today?  I have this moment for you.  To hold you sacred as MINE.”

The moments are rare and yet they are daily.

Open wide those eyes and see –

the hurt you are battling, has a healer behind them.

Open wider your heart and feel –

the sadness you are carrying, has a re-joy-cer behind them.

Open wider still those hands –

the pain you are burying, has a resurrector behind them.


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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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  • Casondra Leann Onyango

    Yes yes yes.

  • Tammy

    Thank you for this story so deep with love and sadness. Enoughness through it all, with Him. How awesome to have “Popsicle moments .” Each small perfect good moment getting us through the hard times. A great reminder for me as a mom.

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