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You Know That Person in Your Life Who’s NEVER Gonna Change? Jenny Price

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10897931_10153039830680675_8893780989351752537_nYou know that person in your life who’s never gonna change?

Well, don’t give up.  Don’t stop believing what God can do.  Let go of what you can’t do.  AND ask God to show you YOUR stuff.  So…

I ran into my twin sister at our favorite spot (Chick-Fil-A) tonight on my way to church.  Tammy, my identical twin, was THAT PERSON years ago.

Today though, Tammy’s little guy showed me his pet snake and I got hugs from her, her hubby, and her two boys.

Four miracles.  

Right there.

In just ten seconds, I received the reminder from the Lord – “See, I make all things new.  ALL.  I resurrect the dead.  I find the lost.  I give sight to the blind.  Healing to the broken.”

It’s a reminder we all need. Over and over and over again.

He makes all things new. 

He. Not we. 

All. Not some. 

New. Not old.

Every piece of our lives that we surrender to Him, he makes it new and whole and bursting with freedom.


every piece of our lives that we hold onto and “control” and pretend our way through, he will not force himself upon;

every part that I cling to as “mine” and every place I need to “be right” I am saying to God – “I don’t believe you are enough” and I care more about MY being right than I do about you healing this, or me;

every relationship we want to be different and that we strive to “fix” – it’s not ours to make new – it’s HIS!


we get to do our part;

we get to ask God for this miracle, the daily asking –

“God, show me where I am not surrendering”;

we get to pray for that difficult person and as we do,

we get to let IT go, we get to shake IT off. 

Or, we get to hold on to the pain and pretend our worry and holding on to OUR WAY will change anything, while all the while, that “holding on” is poisoning us, putting us in our prisons.

Today, I started my day with a friend, and I love this friend, so much.  So much that I tell her the truth.  She’s been stuck in her story of “it’s that person’s fault”, “that person will NEVER change”, “that person ALWAYS fails here” and she’s committed to this story.

This death and disbelief is what she sees and finds in her exhausted relationship with “that person”.

I can relate.  I’ve been there.

Not believing the miracle.  She’ll NEVER come back.  She’s lost to the drugs – forever.  She ALWAYS relapses.  She might get well for a few days, weeks, months, but…

She’s my sister.  Tammy.  The one I ran in to tonight.  She’s alive.  Forever healed.  Truly redeemed.  (MORE OF HER STORY AND MINE in posts below)

Age 14-34 she wandered, came in and out of programs and recovery and fell back in to the pain that pursued her.  And I waited.

There were times, many times, I didn’t believe.  And then I would hold a “funeral” for the old Tammy, and I would picture Jesus coming to heal her.  He could.  He would.  One day.

Who is YOUR difficult person?  Who is the ONE you are awaiting the miracle for?  Who is your ALWAYS and NEVER person?

What would happen for you if you allowed God to make them new?  And you surrendered and let God make YOU NEW TOO?

I am lifting up my friend.  She’s so tired.  She’s needing to place safe boundaries around her and she gets to believe God CAN because she simply can’t any longer.

How can I lift you up friend?  How is your heart disbelieving today?  I would be honored to pray.  COMMENTS WELCOMED…

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DO YOU KNOW A PERSON BATTLING ADDICTION? OR A FAMILY LOVING THE ADDICT?   please share our hearts with them. there is HOPE>  His Name is Jesus.

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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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