twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.

18 BE-liefs I Hope We Passed On (to Our Son Heading off to College and all our kids)

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  1. BE free in Christ, knowing and resting in your identity in Him will always be enough – and is the only freedom that keeps us from traps of this world.
  2. BE a fountain, not a drain. People who are around you should feel soaked in love and given to in refreshing ways. Make sure your fountain is full – overflowing in Him.
  3. BE silly but not stupid. Have fun, ridiculous amounts of fun – legal, moral, not hurting anyone else or yourself, not risking your life to get the laugh – kind of fun and have it often.
  4. BE smart, but not so smart that academics become your idol, and not so smart, that you think you’ve got all the answers.
  5. BE moldable, and teachable, and willing to be shaped by life’s circumstances and by difficult and even enjoyable people. Relationships shape you. Be in those.
  6. BE accepting of others without judgment. No one has ever been judged into being loved and accepted in Christ. But many have been loved into knowing and trusting Him with their life.
  7. BE generous with your time, your talents, and your treasures. Share the resources you have with as many people as you can. You never know when you’re hosting angels.
  8. BE compassionate, ridiculously, overwhelmingly, and humbly compassionate – like your Dad. See people first. See their potential. Look past their behaviors and love them with eyes and hands of Christ.
  9. BE restful because in all this loving of others, your fountain gets dry if you don’t take care of you – take naps, build things, protect your hobbies, and be filled in His Word with His Heart.
  10. BE content with the opportunities and relationships He brings you. Be content with the season of life you are in. Savor this day. Not the one four years from now, or four years ago.
  11. BE creative and sing and write and beat on your drums and share your creativity with others. Show off Your Creator with your art.
  12. BE adventuresome and seek adventure in the hum-drum of your day. Take the risks, and experience as much as you can.
  13. BE mindful of others and where they have come from.  Every one has a story, and every story matters.
  14. BE passionate about a handful of things, but not about fifty things. Have a full plate but not a full banquet table (in the arena of responsibilities and places others depend on you to show up).
  15. BE honest about the pain and the failure. Don’t avoid it and pretend it’s all easy. Because it won’t be. And that’s when we need Jesus more-when we walk through the pain, rather than thinking we can walk around it.
  16. BE willing to put your toes in the water – better yet, your whole body. God didn’t part the seas until that One Person was ready to get wet. The miracles don’t show up if you don’t need them.
  17. BE diligent in serving, loving, laughing, playing, napping, running, dancing, singing, skating, eating, and rejoicing. Give life all you’ve got and the return will blow you away.
  18. BE you. You’re the only Wil we’ve got. But more importantly, you’re the only one God gave to impact the planet exactly as you will.


Parents, it’s baffling when your child goes from 8 to 18 in a total of 8 seconds flat. AND it’s what truly happens. When your child is 18 you have one of two options. Panic because you haven’t equipped them or Trust that you have – and that you’ve done just enough damage to lead them to Jesus and to need therapy, just like you did.


18 year olds, all you kids going to college – yes, your parents are crazy for already missing you and here you are under their roofs, but you’ll be the parents one day. It’s real – you were ours for a time, and this letting go business, requires a good bit of grace from you to us.


All these BE-liefs would serve all of us to practice. What would you add to the list? COMMENTS are treasures!


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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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