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Five Things I Might Feel Guilty About (as a Mom), Jenny Price

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If I was bored and didn’t have anything to do, or if I was still 32, and trying to be like every other mom out there, rather than being me, I might feel guilty about these five things…

How many meals a week do you sit down with your family to eat?

Three or more for sure.  Two of those are at ChickFilA, and often only 1.7 of the five kids is present, and one of us is wrapping up a phone call, and…

Okay, we stink at this one.  And we don’t condemn ourselves.  We make conversations happen with each child.  At super random times.  We ask awkward questions.  We don’t accept “ok” as an answer.

Could there be more dinner table conversations?  Yes!  Could there be less?  Yes!

Our kids know we are here – for them, and not exclusively for them, which we see as a win.

So, do you home school? 

Yes, we do.  We just send them to public school too for a little break (and so they can shine like stars for Jesus).  And  your choice in homeschooling is admirable in every way, and it’s not a fit for our family.

I joke that I might kill my kids, but, you see, I’m not willing to see if that’s a joke or not.

If schooling your kids full-time works for you, that is awesome.  If moms choose to work and serve outside their home, in what seems like the most unbalanced ways, that must work for them and their family.

I must hear this once a week or more: “I just don’t know how you do it.”

Yeah, me neither.  God didn’t ask me to do what I know I could do on my own.  He asked me to lay down my life – and for me – this is what it looks like.

How do family devotionals work in your home? 

Formally, not well.  When we ask our kids to sit around the table because we are going to have some time together, half the time they think I’m pregnant or adopting another child.

The other half, they sigh deep noisy breaths, and do funny things with their eyes.

We have taught family devotion to Christ by serving our church family, from day one, to day 6570 (that’s 18 years of childhood):

They see servant leadership.  They see compassion and hope-giving. They’ve seen countless people live in our home, under our roof, people who needed a hand for a time.

They personally have devoted half of their childhood to adopting siblings.  This was not “our” thing as the parents.  This was our whole family, DOING and BEING walking, breathing, daily devotionals, in the trenches, learning how much like Christ we were not, and therefore becoming more like him in the process.

How do you limit screen time, electronics, phone usage?  

Their maximum per week is 25 hours.  No more than this though. Only one of our kids comes close to tapping this number, but that’s because he is watching deeply spiritual Netflix shows like The Office, but he’s seriously gifted, because he can watch 9 entire seasons of this show in a three-week period.

The other kids are closer to the 15 hours a week time limit.  We actually don’t have a log.

We live in a highly technological time.  We could resist this with all our might, or we can find the value and use it for the good.

TV is a place we connect with our teenagers.  It’s a place I put the littles so I can have a break from all the listening and managing (just a little break, it’s all I need!).

Our phones are connective tools.  It’s the only way I can tell all three teenagers and my husband  (all at the same time) that we are doing this or that on this or that date, and they better not miss it, or else!

I follow my kids on their phones.  At times, I know more about them from this then they might ever share verbally.  And they know it’s my phone, and I can pick it up at any moment, and if I wanted, I could even finish that text they are sending at 10:45 pm – IF I wanted.

It’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.

It’s the LOVE of technology that is the root of all family and personal dysfunction.  It’s not the technology itself.

Is there extreme damage that has been done by technology?  Yes!  And that same damage can be done without it.

Our job as parents is to help our kids navigate this life – teaching them to honor Christ in every area.  Be in the world (of 2015) and yet, not OF the world.

You’re the pastor’s family.  Your kids should be in everything at church, right? 

Our kids are using their growing up years to discover their gifts.  Some of these are used in the church, and some are used out of church.

The fact that our kids still LOVE the church, is honestly, an absolute miracle.  I did not grow up as a pastor’s kid.  I have no idea what it’s like.  And our church has been gracious, loving, generous in beautiful ways with our kids AND it’s really hard to be watched, and wanted, and weighed on scales that no one else has to be weighed on.

Our kids are kids.  Period.  They, like us, poop on the same potties as you.

They love serving at church and they – in general – get to decide what that serving looks like.  Do we make them go to Kids’ Camp to serve?  Yes, and 95% of the time, they have more fun than the kids do.

Our mission in life as a family is to (Colossians 3:23) work at LIFE with all our heart, as if we are working for the Lord, because God didn’t call us to work for man’s approval, but for Christ’s honor and glory.

We are far from perfect. It’s not something we hide.  The humans who actually KNOW us – they know.  We have dusty floorboards and dirty secrets just like some of you.  And yet, the Lord’s using us somehow, to further build His kingdom.

What guilt trip would you add to this list?  ALL Moms welcome to share and all kids too – if you’re a kid, what SHOULD your parents feel guilty about?  COMMENTS are treasures to this NOT Guilty Mom!

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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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  • Tammy Bolt Werthem

    I love LOVE the post and love your honesty that frees many to be honest too. I can relate to a lot of what you shared. 5 things I feel guilty about as a mom:
    1. I say ” I am busy” a lot to my kids and I am, and it is okay, because we make quality time happen and we are blessed to work for ourselves and have way more time at home than most
    2. I scream more than I would like. Usually at the dogs, but sometimes at my kids and I feel like I am wrecking their little hearts and then I remember I am forgiven and I can do better and I can practice the fruits of the spirit and I give grace and ask for it. A lot.
    3. I am not the softy lovey dovey type who likes to kiss ouchys and make everyone feel like they are floating in clouds and chasing unicorns. I wish I could be as nurturing as some of the other mom’s i see and yet, I do me. I give lots of hugs and hold my kids at night and other times and I am grateful they have other nurturers besides me
    4. I am excited when school starts back. I like structure. I function well with is and the school year provides this for us. Summer is fun and we make it FUN but I like routines and the kids function best in this.
    5 We watch Way too much TV at our house. Of course we only watch PBS. Right. !! It is monitored and I am usually nearby and can be with them and tackling all kinds of chores and live and business to dos. I waste time on Facebook. My husband calls it wastebook and I get it and I need to lurk less and produce more and use that time to be with the ones I love. Sharing your awesoome post everywhere I possibly can!! Jenny Bolt Price

  • Stef

    1. I feel guilty that I yelled too much.
    2. I feel guilty that I expected way too much perfection.
    3. I feel guilty that I didn’t attend all their functions.
    4. I feel guilty that I didn’t pray with them enough.
    5. I feel guilty that I was probably too verbal about a bad relationship I had.

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