twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.

What If We Multiplied Love 18.75 Times 7 Every Day? Jenny Price

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10845938_10205574345063155_3462669778871543873_nWhat if today, you touched, tagged, or texted 7 people – and then what if each of those people touched or tagged 18.75 people tomorrow?

That’s 131.25 reached by your loving touch.

And what if we did that just five days a week?

131.25 times 5 is 656.25.

What if your message of love could reach 656 people every single week?

And then what if you were consistent for just one year with that message – 52 weeks times 656.25 is:

(drumroll please)

34, 125!!!!

If you knew your life would intersect with over 34K humans this coming year –

What would you say?  

How would you love?

What would you give to 34K humans in that year?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar (FREE gift from host Jeff Goins) and Bryan Harris challenged hundreds of business owners/bloggers to grow our list.

He trained us and effectively compelled me to – in 24 hours or less – add 100 or more subscribers to my email list (for this blog).

Prior to yesterday, there were 7 of you.  And to be honest, I didn’t even know there were that many (yes, we loved you still).

Now there are over 130 of you.  That is a big deal to me!

You chose to touch, tag, text back, and I think that’s LOVE!

So, thank you.

7 times 18.75 is 131.25.




the Message of Love in my heart. 

Thank you for motivating me to get back in the saddle and Be More Consistent with sharing:

the words that are in my head and heart

the motives that are lived and loved in my home, my marriage, my motherhood

the lessons that have been poured into my life by mentors, life experience, joy and pain.

I have a message of hope and grace and life that keeps on believing, even when it’s dark.

In our home we do life to honor the God who made us, with intentions to love and give to every person that we meet – the same love that’s been given to us.  That’s my message.

You have a message that you are called to give and live – whether you’re a business owner, a stay at home mommy, a ministry leader, a fellow artist, an athlete – YOUR life is a walking billboard.

But what is it saying?

What are you breathing into the people you meet?

What is your message of love?

It matters how we multiply.

It matters what your message is.

It matters because YOU are the only carrier of YOUR message.

I’m the only Jenny Bolt Price that shares a blog with her identical twin sister.little

I’m the only Mom to my three teenagers who will all be living their messages outside of my home in two years.

I’m the only wife to my pastor husband – his best encourager, his greatest fan, his favorite church member – me!

I’m the only Mom to my youngest two – I’m the only Twin who has Twins Named Gloria and Dalton – if your name is JENNY and you have twins named Gloria and Dalton PLEASE tell me.  Because that would be insane!

My message of love matters.

Multiplying that message is my clear intention.

Your love motivated me to write

and love and

live more boldly.

So, here goes – let’s multiply together!  

CARE to SHARE?  If you have a moment and feel you have a friend to share this post with, we will write 3 times a month, about addiction, adoption, abuse, marriage growth, life experience and MORE (encourage the friend to read the post AND subscribe to email).

Growing the love multiplication tables is all the more fun with you teaming up.  Thank you!

COMMENTS are loved!

What is your message?

What would you communicate to 34K humans this year?




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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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  • Tammy Bolt Werthem

    Thank you Jenny for your big, bodacious heart that oozes love and grace. The message I share is:
    You are not alone. There is always hope. Gratitude is an essential ingredient to an abundant life.
    You deserve the gift of recovery.
    Pray this prayer….show me my stuff, change my heart, make me more like you Jesus

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