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Is Recovery for me? by Tammy Bolt Werthem

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“Sometimes I’m way more human than folks are comfortable with….We all are.  That’s the irony of it….Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find humanity in all of us.

If we could believe we are deeply connected in the fragile places, we could drop the games.  When you tell me the truth about yourself, I no longer hide from you.  You become safe for me. So guess what? You are a recipient of my truth too. I am drawn to you. Your vulnerability makes a path for my own.”

Jen Hatmaker, For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards  Page 45

I was a young woman at Flagler College when I was introduced to the rooms of recovery.  My concerned professors thought my erratic behavior in class and lack of motivation to sometimes enter the classroom might be an indication of too many nights at St. Georges, the local bar. A freshman in college, not even 19 years of age and I was a blackout drinker.

In St. Augustine, the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous were mostly people older than 35, so I was a bit out of place.  They welcomed me like a long lost pup and showed me their stuff and revealed to me a path of wellness through the 12 Steps.

The greatest message they shared with me was this:  You are not alone!

I have been in and out of recovery most of my adult life.  Consistently IN for the last 11 years and my life is all the better for it.

I have not graduated from recovery, nor will I ever.  I continue to get shown my stuff and I keep on doing the hard work required to keep moving forward to abundant life, freedom and victory.

I learned to be vulnerable in the rooms of recovery. I learned to be who I really am, to stop hiding and be authentic.

Recovery is work.  Recovery is fun. Recovery is connection and community.  Recovery brings hope and healing.

My recovery began by putting down drugs and alcohol.  It has evolved into working on the deeper issues as I have stayed away from the first drink and drug for a number of days now.

My deeper stuff is this:  anger, control, codependency, control, abandonment, lack of trust, fear, judging, distraction, insecurity, sexual integrity and More….

I do the hard work with a sponsor, with a lot of support, and by “practicing the principles in all my affairs”.

Is Recovery for me?

Are you breathing?  You need recovery.

Are you in relationships?  Do you want deeper intimacy and connection?  Then, you need to work the Steps of Recovery.

Do you have others that you influence?  Where are you leading them?  Find out how to lead them to deeper freedom as you embrace your recovery.

Do you have a hurt, habit or a hang up that you can’t control?  You need recovery.

Do you eat too much, exercise too little, gossip more than you should, stand in judgment, people-please, refuse support, have trouble asking for help, sleep more than you need, escape relationships through excessive media or screen time, live vicariously through your children, lack purpose and direction?  Do you want me to keep going?

Do you have a child or a spouse who is out of control?  Are you suffering from grief or loss?  Is your heart broken?  Do you need healing?  Have you loved and lost?  You need recovery.

Are you out of control?  Do you have a need to be the one who projects: I got this.  I have all the answers!  You need recovery.

We all need recovery, every single human one of us!  The 12 Steps are universal.  Celebrate Recovery is operating in 30,000 churches in America.

Today, A.A. has a presence in over 170 countries, with an estimated total of 114,070 groups and more than 2 million members worldwide.Sep 19, 2013

So, maybe instead of wondering if Recovery is for you, you could check out a meeting and find out if you fit?

When you tell me the truth about yourself, I no longer hide from you.  You become safe for me.

We started a Celebrate Recovery at our church, Covenant Fellowship in February of 2015.  Our group is thriving and people are growing,  We worship and weep together.  We love and laugh together.  We get real and create space for others to be transparent.  Celebrate Recovery is a safe place.

We all bring our hurts, habits and hang ups.  Not one of us struggles the same way.  But we all have the same goal: to get freedom from the hurt and pain and to live free and victorious lives in the power of Christ.  We worship and surrender to the same Jesus and He makes us better, one day at a time!

I am a grateful follower of Christ, who struggles well with drugs and alcohol and is struggling better, one day at a time with codependency and a host of other issues.  My name is Tammy.

I don’t travel alone, I have brothers and sisters who walk alongside me on this journey and we are ready to welcome you with open arms!  Come and find your safe place!


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twin sisters. living abundantly. loving extravagantly. leading boldly. leaning deeply on Jesus.


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  • Jon Price

    Great article Tammy. Transparency is a real gift to yourself and others. We fear opening up but those things that are most private are most universal.

    • Tammy Bolt Werthem

      Thank you Jon!

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