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Thoughts on Being the BEST Mom on the Planet, Jenny Price

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How often do you think about what kind of mom am I being today?


How often do you beat the crap out of yourself for not being a good enough mom?


How often do you compare yourself to PTA Mom or Pinterest Mom or Perfect House and Perfect Body Mom – or whatever “Mom” that you allow to make you feel inadequate?

Well, what if there was a magic button that was pressed – and when you put your sweet little hand on that button – THIS HAPPENS:

You own the mommy that you are today!
You BE the best version of you today! 


You do motherhood out of those truths – that you are the best already –

the “WORLD’s BEST MOM” on the planet!

So, I mastermind with a friend and fellow coach, and she said, WHEN ARE YOU FINALLY going to write that parenting book?

Well, finally, I sat down, for a few minutes and brainstormed.  My brain spins quickly, and when I stop it long enough to nail down some ideas – I’m liking the many directions this book could take.

AND, I’m asking, you, the friends of to help me add to these ideas…if you have a moment to do so, share in comments below, or comments on Facebook. (thank you ahead of time)

Here’s my ramble

(and if you steal my ideas and write your own book, please send it my way, so I don’t have to finish mine):

My mom book.
Gifts and Realities of Motherhood.
They are many, and millions, and miraculous.  What are they in my life and yours?
Everybody Has a Mom.
And how you were “Mothered” makes a world of difference in how you are mothering and being in mommy-dom.  Think about what you are thinking about as a mom and take action on what works in your home and with your child – rather than duplicating exactly what was when you were a kid.  Take the good, and toss the not so good.
Whatever it Takes.
Everybody that’s a real mom will do whatever it takes unwavering to see their kids raised right including send them to residential care including raising $150,000 in 50 days including going to cancer treatments including getting up in the middle of the night and changing all the poop you diapers including including including
Where Did Motherhood Begin?
The origin of motherhood and where all our thoughts and beliefs and actions and attitude to begin, in the lap of our mommies
Mommy Moments.
They come in every shape and size.  The ones that break you, the ones that crashed you on the ground face down, the ones that make everything in life make sense, and the ones that burst with joy that you can’t contain. Even.
How many kids should I have?
And all the other questions we ask before during and after motherhood and maybe when we stop asking them and we start living in the NOW and what is, life will be more fun.
The present of today.
Depression happens because we dwell on the past anxiety happens because were dwelling and fixating on tomorrow makes us anxious and all jacked up.
Being present today
With God
And my babes
Is the best present of all
All different kinds of mothers.
We have manic moms
and single moms
and anxious moms and Martha Stewart moms
and depressed moms
and super spiritual moms
and spanking moms
and “my child never does anything wrong” moms
and the critically ill and in pain moms
and the I have to work harder every day and die on this cross over and over again mom
and the I hate my marriage or my body or my kitchen or my whole entire life mom AND
everything in between
It matters not what the moms around you are but it matters what you’re becoming and how you’re becoming the best that you can be today.
Some of us are married happily some of us are married and it’s not working real well
some of us are single and lonely and desperate for comfort and companionship and
some of us are really happy we are single (Mandie Joy, my favorite instagram girl)
Some of us live on farms and take amazing breathtaking pictures of our lives and write about what’s really happening behind the scenes and in our hearts (Ann Voskamp)
Some of us are kicking butt and taking names and leading causes and NOT neglecting our kids but rather teaching them passion and purpose early (Christine Caine, A21) Gretchen Smeltzer into the light
Some of us live in NYC and adopt children of all races and tribes because that’s what our hearts told us to do
Some of us live in tiny little beach towns and rest at our pools and watch the tides come in while our kids play on THE most perfect playground in the world
Some of us live in Nica Vida and have left the American pace and settled into a version of best and better that few of us find (Jenna Smith)
Moms on meds.
and other mental health issues that come up in motherhood and in life and in getting out of bed today, and tomorrow, and…
And maybe you need meds to or at least some chill pills – and maybe you’ve had three doctors tell you this, but you’d rather pray your way out of it.  And that might work and don’t judge those of us who need our pills for finding our precious selves each and every day.
The Many many many many seasons of motherhood.
In the first year of the baby’s life there’s 1 million seasons to happen so just imagine how many seasons happen by the age of 3 and seven and 13 and 16 and 18
There’s even a season of raising young adults and releasing mature married (or not married) adults
Being True to You.
This one thing remains true matter what you’re always always always a mother
What happens when we parent the abandoned kids?
And how can all of us be a part of that solution on this planet.
What happens when motherhood almost breaks you?
Losing sanity every day or losing it all together it’s a risk we take in parenthood
The miracles of motherhood.
and how we share them best and how we multiply joy on the planet
My mommy story.
played out in five very very very very very different kids
What my mom taught me.
as a kid and how it shapes me still today
The damage we do.
because of the damage done to us and how we might just project that on our kids and that’s not fair
Daily Redemption Storytelling.
How redemption is always playing out in motherhood you in 10 and 20 and 30 years later
All the Many Seasons.
Infantile Vomit and Poop
Terrible Toddlerville
Elementary Lessons
Middle School Madness
High School Coaching
When our kids get married happily
We still parent them, but very differently.
Money, sex, puberty, dirty socks, rock-n-roll and everything in between.
And how do we teach our kids to manage life and to protect and cherish their own hearts, pornography, abuse, addiction, homework, packing lunches, doing chores.
What motherhood taught me in 10 statements
What I hope I’m teaching my kids in 10 statements or more
Pastor motherhood
Being married to the pastor, sleeping with him, and all I learn from this role in life and how it plays out in motherhood
Foster care motherhood
How being that, shifted every little and big thing for our family
Adaptive and Adoptive care motherhood
how sometimes being a mom is really being a caregiver creating safety and love and sustenance for children who can’t help but sabotage the greatest love of all – your love.
The prayers of a tired mommy
The tears we shed in motherhood
The overbearing fears
and how perfect love really does cast those out
When parenting books aren’t enough
Does baby wise really make your baby wiser?
What Shall I feed them?
Thoughts about breast-feeding and feeding your kids chocolate cake before they turn one and giving the Mountain Dew in the bottle at six months and all the gluten-free and dairy free and non-GMO things we might do in motherhood
How we wish we could protect our kids but we really can’t and we really should and all the “balance” in between
If single then what? If married then what?
When the greatest losses occur like losing a child to death or do drugs or to self-destruction or anorexic or any other mental health issues
What’s the real goal?
If we focus on raising successful winning children are we really winning at all? What are we really teaching our kids life is about? Trophies and accolades? Or loving those who are harder to love and treated with disdain how to raise kids who love orphans and widows and everything else that no one else seems to love on the planet
Authentic faith in motherhood
the legacy were leaving at the beginning the middle and the end of our parenting years
How having a career does not ruin your kids
How homeschooling might be good for you it might be really dangerous for me and it may or not fit Suzie’s or Jan’s life and if it does, super cool!
Not being Judgy-Judgy and Ugly-Ugly
 have other moms helps them not be judge a judge he of you
When McDonald’s really is the best
choice for dinner but Chick-fil-A is a little bit better
Being the perfect mom is for lizards
and other mom/life lessons we can learn from Animal Planet
How Moms Study Their Bibles
and other ways I grow in my faith and don’t tell you how to grow in yours or act hoity-toity better than
The lies and limiting beliefs
of motherhood and how we can overcome those by trusting that God of the universe to speak life over us- how living paralyzed or mediocre aint’ really living at all
The importance of friendships
deep and wide in motherhood
What I’ve learned from other moms on Instagram and Facebook and blogs and texting and the value of using technology to connect to other humans that have stories that enrich and inspire
You’re the only mom they’ve got
today so give it all you got
Wasting Time
The importance of naps and chocolate and wasteful magazine or Netflix viewing
On cluttering your mommy brain and your countertops and your filthy floors and when the kitchen drawers are all junk drawers filled the tampons and too many sharpies and boxtops
Just Say Yes (or No)
The yeses and no(s) and how nobody knows all the answers and that we get to stay in motherhood in the various seasons of our lives and that may look different every few years or more
Eat the Chocolate Chips
How reading as many parenting books as you can is good but only using the morsels that work for you are ideal.
Your Best
Be the best mom that you can be today and then tomorrow be the best mom that you can be again today even though it’s tomorrow and so on and so forth
Getting Ready for Church
Why Sunday morning worship really stresses you out and how eating two donuts before church is really OK
Self Honoring the Motherload
Motherhood in the importance of getting massage every month and other thoughts on self-care itself honoring and how it’s really really more unselfish to not take care of yourself
Maximize the moment
you do have and stop going on all this guilt trips because no one’s really going with you there
Go On Vacation Even!
Motherhood and the vacations we can take daily, buyer selves, with a loved one, and with all of the gang and how all of those vacations are just right no matter what they look like
When You Simply CAN’T Anymore.
When you have to send your kid a way to heal because you got nothing left to give and other stories of redemption in parenting and in life
Your Past Talks So Loudly
You can’t even be in today.
When you project your own growing up years on your children and your own relationship with your parents on your kids
in-laws or OutLawsUnknown-1
Motherhood and being a better in law
Practical questions
of motherhood for you
WHAT MIGHT YOU ADD???? PLEASE SHARE BELOW or on Facebook comments
OH YEAH and If you read every single word of this way too long post, might you share it with a tired momma?  Or a momma who already knows her amazingness?

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  • Tammy Bolt Werthem

    thank you for reminding me to slow down and savor the great moments and keep growing from the not so amazing ones…we have both here, and I fail and fumble and I celebrate and live in delightful moments. love you. so much. you will finish this book and many others.

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