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What If We Multiplied Love 18.75 Times 7 Every Day? Jenny Price

What if today, you touched, tagged, or texted 7 people – and then what if each of those people touched or tagged 18.75 people tomorrow? That’s 131.25 reached by your loving touch. And what if we did that just five days a week? 131.25 times 5 is 656.25. What if your message of love could reach 656 […]

Five Things I Might Feel Guilty About (as a Mom), Jenny Price

If I was bored and didn’t have anything to do, or if I was still 32, and trying to be like every other mom out there, rather than being me, I might feel guilty about these five things… How many meals a week do you sit down with your family to eat? Three or more […]

18 BE-liefs I Hope We Passed On (to Our Son Heading off to College and all our kids)

  BE free in Christ, knowing and resting in your identity in Him will always be enough – and is the only freedom that keeps us from traps of this world. BE a fountain, not a drain. People who are around you should feel soaked in love and given to in refreshing ways. Make sure […]

Testimony of Tammy Werthem

Here is a recent video of Tammy giving her testimony at Covenant Fellowship Celebrate Recovery. Location:  Celebrate Recovery, Covenant Fellowship, Stuart, FL Date:  June 29, 2015    

Looking Back We Get To See, Anonymous Guest

We were foster parents. A fostering family. We loved her for a year and a half. She was ours. Mine. When she was taken that piece was ripped out of me with her to leave a gaping hole. For a long time I felt like that hole, that experience, was a waste. Why? Why did […]

MOMS, What If You Could Only Teach One Lesson to Your Kids? Jenny Price, Mom to Five

You’re teaching them every day.  Some lessons you’re awake to and others, you’re simply going through the day, doing the best you can, haphazardly moving their hearts – towards what? If you had JUST ONE lesson to give, what would it be?  If we never think about the goal of influence, what will we really […]

Do you have the Power? Yes, you do!!

Do you have the Power? Yes, you do!! Adapted and inspired from Easter Sermon at Covenant Fellowship ~Pastor Matt Price We celebrated Easter yesterday, my favorite day of the year. Resurrection Sunday: New Life. New beginnings. Freedom, Hope, Restoration, Forgiveness and Unspeakable Joy! The greatest gift and the greatest news, an answer to all of […]

Who is cheering for you? Tammy Bolt Werthem

Who is cheering you on in your race?  Are you looking for ways where you can cheer others on in this journey of life? Each race in our lives is an opportunity to grow. The training required when we set goals in all aspects of our live requires effort, discipline and stamina.  We all need […]

You Know That Person in Your Life Who’s NEVER Gonna Change? Jenny Price

You know that person in your life who’s never gonna change? Well, don’t give up.  Don’t stop believing what God can do.  Let go of what you can’t do.  AND ask God to show you YOUR stuff.  So… I ran into my twin sister at our favorite spot (Chick-Fil-A) tonight on my way to church.  Tammy, […]

The Most Dangerous Words We Can Say, Jenny Price

The most dangerous words you can say… we are all saying – in some way or another. The truth is, we all need recovery. The other truth is that most of us avoid recovery because it’s work. There are thousands of versions of “the most dangerous words we can say”: “I don’t have any issues.” “I’m good, […]

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